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christian louboutin shoes outlet Tuesday, President Obama moved to consolidate his seceded from the union environmental legacy millions of acres of land in the arctic and Atlantic from new offshore oil and gas drilling.

Obama used a little-known, whose name was protected by the laws of the outer continental shelf lands act most of the chukchi and beaufort seaCheap Christian Louboutin Sale Shoes sea sea in the arctic and a series of canyon in the Atlantic ocean from Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition to the five-year ban has been in the Atlantic ocean, the canyon from the drilling to most of the eastern coastal areas, oil exploration, even if the company development plan to operate.

The White House announced later in the afternoon, coordinate with similar measures by Canada's prime minister, Justin trudeau to protect the country's arctic waters of large area mining. No measurement influence lease has caused by oil and gas companies and drilling in national waters.

"These actions, parallel operations in Canada, protect a sensitive and unique ecosystems, is unlike in other parts of the earth," the White House said in a statement. "They reflect the scientific assessment, even if the high safety standards of our two countries, the oil spill risk is very important in tCheap Christian Louboutin Shoes For Salehis area, our ability to clean up the area from the leakage of harsh conditions is limited.

White House officials said their behavior, make the regional limits on future oil and gas exploration and drilling. Officials said that some use of 12-1953 under President Dwight Eisenhower withdrawal date can not be introduced to the President. It is unclear if tChristian Louboutin shoes outlethe republican control of congress to repeal Mr Obama's action.

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"There is a precedent for more than half a century is the authority of the bipartisan President to use," White House aides said. "No authority then President and UN - withdraw... I won't say what conCheap Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoesgress will do in the future."

"Today, the United States is not alone. Canada is the agent would be halted indefinitely in its waters," the aide said. "With Canada, weCheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Outlet send a powerful signal, strengthen our commitment to work together."

David Rivkin Baker Hostetler, the law firm's lawyers in legal advisers to the White House, Ronald Reagan and George h. w. bush, does not agree with the assertion decision cannot be overturned. "Basically I said power need UN - withdraw out of power," Rivkin says, "especially if you are sure the original reason for withdrawal is no longer valid."

A legal struggle, Rivkin said. But "it is unclear why congress want to give the President enormous powers operation there is only one wChristian Louboutin shoes saleay."

Senator ted cruz (R - Tex) on Twitter, a big response: "abuse of power. Another Obama hopes to [e] will reverse... a month from now on" the trump's inauguration. Cruz closed his twitter tags: "take Obama's pen and telephone."

The United States and Canadian officials months of negotiations to reach aCheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale common understanding of how to manage the ocean as much as possible in order to make the new neighborhood comprehensive and lasting political proChristian Louboutin shoes Cheaptection. At the same time, the lobbying group Obama a total ban on oil and gas leases in the arctic.

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